The operations in weaving, kind of shedding and weft insertion method we employ, depends on the design, production rate and the products purpose and is made sure it is well synchronized and does not interfere with other.


Color is an important aspect, after fabrics quality, in choosing fabric. The range of dyes include seasonal and peculiar tints and shades guaranteeing soft finish for both natural as well as synthetic (depends on product usage).


The color patterns and designs printed accurately and withstands multiple washing and rough friction. The possible kinds of dyes are stretched to be printed on various fabrics and have experimental approach towards dyeing and printing.


Stitching To produce high quality stitched products, stitch geometry and thread tension encoders, pressor foot for measuring tools and needle penetration force measurement sensors are advanced and regularly updated.


Packaging textiles include all textile packing material for industrial, agricultural and other goods.It is well known that these fabrics are ideal for many kinds of packaging.


The special task of embroidery or appliques is done according to consumer choices. The bulk and complex designs are computerized using CAD by experienced and skilled designers bringing fresh designs to our customers.